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PAINTED WOLVES – s/t 12″ on MNYX Records!

Maniyax Records warmly welcomes PAINTED WOLVES to their roster!

PAINTED WOLVES might be a new band to most of us, but the individuals behind it are no strangers to “the game” as the band features members from DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS, ANCHOR, DEAD VOWS & THE SMACKDOWN.

Or you might have listened to their very well received 7″ called “Unholy” which is a four-song-tribute to darkness, the tradition of punk, jeansvests and headbanging. PAINTED WOLVES stick to this formula on the self-titled 12″ which is going to be released at the end of June – exactly at the right time for their tour with DANGERS. Check them out on CMAR or FLUFF or everywhere in between. Dates below.

So, where to put this record? You can feel the members love for punk in any second of their songs, the creativity they bring into the simplicity of punk, the utmost energy and honesty. It might sound hackneyed, but this is a record that doesn’t give a fuck. It pays no attention to rules or conventions. It showcases a band doing whatever they feel like and they are doing it right. Dedicated and with lots of fun.

The guys are all huge fans of Breach, Final Exit and Separation and you might realize some of their background in the sound. But you better give it a listen, their sound is raw and unique and will energize you right away.

“S/T” was recorded Simon MellergÂrdh at Studio Skogen, Göteborg, Sweden. Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Recording Studio. East Palo Alto, CA. He has been working with artists like BROADWAY CALLS, LOMA PRIETA, DEAFHEAVEN and ROCKY VOTOLATO, just to mention a few out of very many.

::: First press is 500 copies. Black vinyl only.
::: It comes in a beautiful package. All photos by Simon Rydèn.
::: 6 songs, 18 minutes of music.

Interwebs Painted Wolves:


27.06. GER Münster
28.06. NL, Utrecht
29.06. GER, Versmold, Cry Me A River Fest
30.06. GER, Mülheim
01.07. SWE, Lund – HemgÂrden
02.07. SWE, Gvle – Bilda
03.07. NOR, Oslo
04.07. SWE, Gothenburg – Skriket
05.07. GER, Hamburg, Rote Flora, Loss Of Breath
06.07. GER, Berlin, Cassiopeia
07.07. GER, Dresden, Chemiefabrik
08.07. GER, Leipzig, Zoro
09.07. GER, Gieflen AK 44
10.07. GER, M¸nchen, Kafe Kult
11.07. GER, Darmstadt, Oettinger Villa
12.07. GER, Nürnberg, K4
13.07. GER, Freiburg, White Rabbit
14.07. France, Paris
15.07. France, Bordeaux, The Bootleg
16.07. Spain, Gijon, CafÈ Dam
17.07. Spain, A Coruna, (Caraballo), A Reserva
18.07. Spain, Madrid, TBA
19.07. Spain, Barcelona, TBA
20.07. France, Toulon, HyËres
21.07. France, Lyon TBC
22.07. Italy, Milan, Ligera
23.07. Italy, Bologna, Freakout Club
24.07. Slovenia, Koper (Ankaran)
25.07. Austria, HELP
26.07. Austria, HELP

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Thanks a lot,

Painted Wolves

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Omega Massif – Karpatia Tape out now

The Omega Massif – Karpatia Tape is finally released on my tapelabel La Cassette Jaune – 101 copies are made and only one copy is yellow (case and cassette). Maybe you´re the lucky one to get it… The tape is held in the design of the vinyl and comes with a handmade cutout cardboard sleeve:



“This is maybe the most awaited (instrumental) metal record of the year. Founded in 2006, OMEGA MASSIF quickly seized the attention and interest of listeners from several genres (metal to doom to sludge to instrumental postrock) through the years – and that’s a result of just 2 records in 5 years: their demo KALT and the first full length GEISTERSTADT. OMEGA MASSIF are a convincing studio and live band. These aspects and the fact that they have a keen sense of sophisticated song structures are maybe the main reasons why OMEGA MASSIF filled bigger venues step by step – while having started with local squat, they have by now played festivals like ROADBURN, HELLFEST, SWINGFEST etc.!

Their new and 2nd album KARPATIA, a result of two years songwriting, again unites the well known calm melodic components with an immense dynamic and dark feeling in the monolithic heavy parts. In contrast to other instrumental bands, OMEGA MASSIF invent their own sound and are able to maintain the tension throughout the whole record without the usage of cheap climax ideas. We could continue to tell you how apocalyptic and intense this record is – but it’s maybe better to push the start button and to judge by your own if OMEGA MASSIF created another masterpiece after GEISTERSTADT.”

The tape is 6 € plus shipping:
– 2 € shipping Germany (no insurance) or 4 € (insured)
– 4 € shipping Europe/World (no insurance) – if you want it to be insured please get in touch!
– paypal prefered (fees are included in shippingcosts) to

You can order right here and you might want to grab some other records as well…

in case you forgot :

WHORLS “Lvmen Natvrae” 7″ out now!

Japp, you´re right, the next record on maniyax that punches you right in the face.

This is limited to a few records, so better be quick.

You can stream one song on CVLT Nation:

Hailing from Denmark, Whorls play a chaotic mix of blackened punk and metal. This is their first 7″ and is sound as a head-butt that blow up your face away ! They take some new influence from Celeste, and country mates, Hexis, and mix a chaos hardcore as bands was playing at the end of 90’s or in the beginning of 2000. They remind me ACME or the first period of Dragbody period and even the old regretted French band Soar. The whole with a good part of Black metal. Whorls still being completely original and crushing. Your ears will bleed!

Whorls ep photo 1

Downfall of Gaia – Epos LP Repress

whoop whoop,
180gr on half black, half white vinyl:

Downfall of Gaia - Epos LP Repress

Get it here!

“Downfall of Gaia traverse more harrowing emotion than many bands do in their entire discographies. Both intensely atmospheric and relentlessly hard-hitting, the band takes hardcore fundamentals and pushes them to emotional extremes, flickering between fragility and ferocity.”

People throw in names like ALPINIST, MADAM GERMAIN and FALL OF EFRAFA!